This is Why You Don’t Leave A Tank In The Street — Ukraine

Tank in Ukraine

If any of you have ever played GTA, this brings back wonderful memories of falling tanks, hookers and killing cops, right? Wait, that’s a video game and this, well… this is real life. In a very GTA like scene, a tank was left abandoned in the streets of Ukraine. The tank, a BMP Light Tank, was left in the streets after it stalled near Mariupol. I’m talking about a gassed up, fully loaded with weapons and shit tank. As in, this shit will kill you, tank.

Anyway, what are a bunch of people who come across this tank to do? Well, loot it of course, because you never know when that carton of shells will come in handy. According to the Live Leak post, nobody was killed in the incident, although the old man who narrowly escaped death got smacked in the head by a brick. Where’s Nelson to laugh at his pain?