Well Isn’t Ray J A Swell Human Being?

Ray J & Kim K

And they say that chivalry and decency is dead, right? Well, Ray J here is a living example of what being an all around swell guy is all about. You know when he found out that his ex girlfriend, with whom he had made a porno with was engaged to be married, he could have thrown some serious shade their way. He could have sang a song about banging her first. He could have released the porno tape and shown the whole world all the ways he defiled Kim Kardashian, but did he? Oh, shit, wait… yes, yes he did. Crap. There goes that argument.

Well, I guess, even though Ray J is sort of a dick and a giant troll, this is still kind of funny. He has offered to give Kim Kardashian and Kanye West his share of the profits from the porn tape for the last 4 months. Before you go and think that it can’t be that much, let me tell you – you’re going to be shocked at how much money this tape still makes, 7 years after its initial release.

[themify_quote]- January  $6,135.60
– February $20,097.31
– March $9,674.76
– April $10,931.52
– TOTAL:  $46,840.13[/themify_quote]

Yup, $46K. That is a shit ton of money, who is still buying this tape? I mean, it’s pretty much everywhere. Don’t people know how to google for it? What’s even more shocking is that the tape has made millions and millions of dollars. At this point, is there anyone interested in Kim Kardashian and her clan? When we asked Kim for comment she said, “I will gladly take that money. I’m kind of a whore, not like a whore whore, but like I like money.” There you have it. Straight from the whoreses mouth.

Images via Kim and Ray J Instagram