Kendall Jenner Is All Grown Up

kendall jenner

Actual caption from Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account “a little side boob never hurt nobody” — Nope, you’re definitely right on the money there, a little side boob never hurt anyone at all. I feel very conflicted here about Kendall. On the one hand, she’s pretty cute and already getting into advanced nudity. On the other hand, she’s half Satan’s seed. You see where my problem comes in?

But then on the other, other hand, she’s hot. Wait, h0w many hands is that? Oh, who cares. I like it when girls vie for attention and do anything possible. I get it. I understand. And just to prove this point (that girls do anything for attention), here’s a video she posted on her account for reaching 10 million followers.

Images and video via Instagram