Cashiers At A Taiwan McDonalds Reportedly Dress Sexy And Call Customers Master And I’m Going Here

McDonalds in Taiwan

 I Think I’m Going To Visit This McDonalds

Wherever you see a McDonalds, it’s the same ole’ outfit. You got some khakis, a polo shirt, if you’re lucky, you can see a white shirt with a tie (that’s the manager, in case you didn’t know). Not here, not now, no way. A McDonalds in Taiwan has started dressing their cashiers in school girl outfits, pink maid outfits and the sailor outfits (pictured above). These same cashiers call the customer’s ‘master,’ and seem eager to please.

These new outfits started appearing at the McDonalds, near Taipei Railway Station last week.

“Workers wearing the maid uniforms greeted customers by calling them ‘master’ and using other maid-like phrases,” Dixon writes. “While wearing the schoolgirl outfits, they very politely thanked each customer by calling them their mentor or senior as if the customer was an older student at the same school.”

McDonalds in Taiwan

Now, I will confess, I don’t speak Mandarin, but watching the video (after the noms), I can speculate that these girls really love their jobs and are eager to help, any way possible. Happy endings cost extra. Click over for the video.